The Silver Star on a 1911 Grip

Two Military Metals on one set of 1911 grips.


     I was contacted by a client who wanted a special Christmas gift for a parent who had been awarded both the the Silver Star and the Purple Heart.    He wanted the medals carved on the pistol grips for a 1911 pistol.     I jumped at the chance to do this work for an American Military Hero.   The grips were shipped to me and I got right to work since this was a Christmas gift and time was a big factor .

     I relief carved the medals into the wood and stained the wood with diluted oil paints.   Then I put several coats of finish over the top.   I mounted it on my own 1911 to see how they looked.   Then I shipped them out to my client.

























     I was told that it was a very emotional experience when the grip were mounted on the pistol on Christmas.   I’m glad I could help make it special for the family.



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Lance Larson


One thought on “The Silver Star on a 1911 Grip”

  1. Thank you for making that date so much less painful with your beautiful craftsmanship, creativity, your patriotism and going above and beyond anything imaginable …. it left me speechless and simply in awe of it’s beauty on my carry weapon that is like no other. I am sincerely grateful for the special care and attention to detail and hard work that you did, and for your kindness and willingness to work with my Son, to listen, understand the significance, and produce something so remarkable!
    The two of you have taken a day, so painful…. and helped me heal…. for that, I cannot even begin to express how deep my gratitude runs!
    Bless you both!!!!!

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