S.A.S.S. “Wild Bunch” Handcarved 1911 Pistol Grips


Custom Carved Model 1911 Grips for the “Wild Bunch” Competition


     The owner of this 1911 pistol was going to use it in the “Wild Bunch” shooting competition.   This part of the Single Action Shooters Society (SASS).   He wanted a custom set of grips that still fit into the rules for the  competition.  They had to be wood since rubber was not allowed.   Since he needed a better grip on the wood, a basketweave pattern was chosen.  These pistol grips are not very thick so showing depth and enhancing the grip is a bit tricky since the carving cannot go too deep.



 From the S.A.S.S. ‘Wild Bunch” handbook – here are some of the requirements the shooters have to follow:


  • Barrel length must be five inches. No barrel porting or compensators or other recoil reducing devices allowed.
  • Grips must be GI-style wood or plastic grips. Other natural materials are allowed but no rubber grips. No target style or thumb rests allowed.
  • Only non-adjustable “military style” rear sights and blade type front sights allowed.
  • Checkering, carving, or laser engraving is allowed on grips.

     He was very happy with the look because his pistol had a custom look that was one of a kind.   Not like every other pistol on the line.

     Would this type of grip carving look great on your pistol?   Contact me and we can talk about your options. 


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  1. looks like they would suit me just fine. i have a few full sized frames that this thin style would be fit. what is the eta on a delivery if i placed an order with you? what is your asking price? thank you for your time.

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