Mule Deer Gunstock Carving

Gunstock Carving of a Desert Mule Deer 

    I am starting the design process of a newly commissioned gunstock carving.   The owner wanted a Mule Deer buck in a southwestern desert landscape.  As I think I have mentioned in past articles, you have to do your research on not just the animals but the environment the animal lives in to make it a natural scene.  

     The design the client and I came up with is a Mule Deer buck with Large typical  4×4 antlers jumping over the skeleton of an old Saguaro cactus.   I sure hope to see a buck like this in the desert someday!   There are normal desert surroundings including rocks, Prickly Pear cactus, and giant Saguaro cactus in the distance.  I want to show the client all the steps so I will post a photo journal of the project for him as it goes along.   That means you get to see it too.


       This step #1, The Design.   I used desert landscape photos, many deer photos, skyline photos, and cactus photos to develop this design idea.  Some of the photos were provided by the client, many were from my own research files.   Now the fun begins.…    


     I’ll post more as this project move along.


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  1. i know i said i wasnt going to look at the stock until it was done but now the wait for the recent pics is killing me!!!!

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