Model 1911 Grips for a Wounded Worrior

 Hand Carved Purple Heart Medal on 1911 Grips.


      I recently had the pleasure to carve a set of grips for member of our armed forces .    This person was awarded the Purple Heart and wanted to have it on the grip of a 1911 along with the name and symbol of the soldier’s unit.  


     A set of smooth grips made by a grip manufacturer named Altamont were ordered and sent to me to work on.    I would recommend these grips highly.    They are high quality grips and great wood to work and carve with.


     The unit logo was sent to me and I hand carved it in sort of an inlay/scrimshaw style on the right side.   The left side had the Purple heart medal carved in an Inlay style also.    This type of carving was used because there is not much wood in a 1911 grip.   Deep relief carving would never work.   Inlay takes off little wood but still offers an improved grip on the pistol.     























If you see someone in uniform, take a moment and thank them for their service.

Remember,   We are the land of the free, BECAUSE of the brave.


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Lance Larson