Model 1911 custom carved grips

Custom Carved Grips for your Model 1911


    There has been a huge increase of popularity in the model 1911 pistol over the last few years.   It seems to be peaking with the 100th anniversary of the model 1911 this year.   Because of this there are a huge number of firearms manufacturers making various versions of the model 1911 pistol.   

     You can get an entry level G.I. model for a few hundred dollars, a top of the line model with all the bells and whistles for several thousand, or your choice of almost anything in between.  No matter what model they choose, most enthusiasts want to make it their own – to personalize it.  There is no better way to do this then choosing a custom grip.

     There are many pistols that come withwood grips sporting a basic checkering pattern, some pistols even come with smooth wooden grips.    I will show you an option here of a basketweave that can give you something that is functional and very personal.  The work you see here can be done on your current grips or I do keep some completed grips on hand for sale.


      The following photos show the steps.   First the basketweave outline is carved.

     Then the voids in the weave are removed.

     Next, the actual basketweave is defined and given depth.

     The individual weaves are given texture.  Notice the difference between the steps.

 Ready for the Tung Oil finish.

     As I said, the work you see here I can do on your current grips, I can carve grips on hand to your specifications, or I do have some completed custom carved grips on hand for sale.   You have many options, Basket Weave, Fish Scales, Scrolls, Leaves, Wildlife, or just your Initials.   If this kind of personalization interests you, contact me and let me know how I can help.


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  1. How much would you charge for a set of those basket weave grips for a full size 1911 in coco bolo?

    Dave Bundrum

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