Lifestyles Magazine Awards project


In November,  I  was commissioned to custom engrave over 60 “readers choice awards” for Pinal County Lifestyles magazine.   Every year they give out awards for businesses in many catagories based on their reader’s votes for best businesses.   The Lifestyles magazine editor also thought it would be a great idea to feature me carving one of the awards on the cover of the magazine for the December Awards Issue.    Since I’m not exactly “cover model” material, I just figured they knew what they were doing and went with the plan.

Lifestyles magazine cover

The awards were hand made, four inch square, black glass tiles made by a local artist.   All the tiles were engraved by hand using designs the magazine laid out on the computer.   After completion of the custom hand engraving on each of the tiles, gold was added to the engravings and the tiles were buffed out.


Each award was mounted in a wooden base after completion, including the Magazine’s Big Award of “Best Customer Service”.

I was very Honored and Happy to do this engraving work for the businesses in my community and I do hope all the award winners enjoy their well deserved 2010 awards …  Congratulations !

Thanks for stoppin’ by …

Lance Larson


2 thoughts on “Lifestyles Magazine Awards project”

  1. I just stopped by to look at your work, and as usual, astonished and flabber-ghasted. Beautiful work. I can’t think of a better way to get the exposure except through here. Congradulations again and keep up the good work for years to come. I have often aspired to reach your level of expertise, Unfortunately, I never have and now I never will. My work is hidden on my Facebook Page in the PHOTO’s page. Feel free to drop by and see it. Thanks……
    …….Rot Instasi

  2. Roy,

    I am not a “natural artist”, I had to Practice alot because I really wanted to learn. I had an carving & engraving artist tell me to continue to improve you have to practice your craft two hours every day. That’s just what I did. I was either carving, designing projects, reading about carving & engraving for two hours each night. I didn’t miss the TV that much when I was practicing each night either. You can get there too. Just invest the time. If you make the time do that on whatever your medium, you will be amazed at the improvement and growth of your abilities. You will probably develop your own “style”. I will take a look at your work on Facebook.

    Thanks again,
    Lance Larson

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