Elk Rifle for NAWEOA

Arizona Elk Rifle


     I was approached over a year ago by a gentleman with the Arizona Game Rangers Lodge about custom carving a rifle stock for the 2012 North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association (NAWEOA) National Conference that was being held in Tucson in July of 2012.  


     It was going to be a totally custom rifle – a rebarreled classic Mauser 98 action – Walnut stock – fiberglass bedding – new scope – and they wanted the stock carved.   This would be the centerpiece of the live auction at their banquet.   Of course I told him I would be honored to do the work for this organization and this event.


     The stock was received in April and I was asked to carve it to showcase Arizona – make it with a prominent Arizona Game Animal.   Since I was given Artistic “free rein”, and since Arizona is known for having some of the biggest Elk in the country, I chose a scene with a Bugling Bull Elk on the rifle’s buttstock.    This was a real “treat” since the stock was made from top-notch, tight grained Walnut and as all fine Walnut does, it held the carving of fine details perfectly. 


Below are photos of the various stages of the carving.


 The initial rough out carving

 Adding more detail

 Final carving touches

 Working on the final staining

    The grip and forearm were carved with Basketweave and Leaves.

The Arizona Game Rangers Lodge logo of a Mountain Lion was carved just below the stock’s cheek piece.


   I look forward to seeing this stock on the completed rifle at their banquet later this month.    This Custom rifle should be a real winner for them.   I hope to post some photos of it later this month.


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Lance Larson




One thought on “Elk Rifle for NAWEOA”

  1. Lance,
    Had a chance to look at your website and saw the information you put in here regarding the stock you made for the upcoming NAWEOA Conference. It was interesting to see how the process you use for carving works! I down loaded the page that describes the stock you made for us and will have that on display with the gun. If I cannot for some reason get the information page you have been trying to get to me printed then i will use this.
    Thanks again for your great contribution and we look forward to seeing you at the banquet. You are coming as our guest as it the least we can do for helping the Arizona Game Rangers out.
    Be seeing you soon!
    Rob Young

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