Custom Carved Presentation Pistol Case

The Case of the Custom Carved Elk


       This is a wooden box designed to be a presentation pistol case that was build by a young man in a woodworking class in High School.   He plans to give the completed case to his Dad.   Maybe for Father’s Day?    It is made from poplar wood with brass corners, hinges, and locking clasps.   The case will have a bugling Bull Elk scene in the center of the lid, surrounded by carved pine boughs and pine cones.   The pine cones and branches are being carved in an inlaid style while the mountain meadow scene with the bugling Elk will be carved in full relief.   


     I thought it would be interesting for you to see my starting point for a relief carving.   It starts as just as an outline and then my fun is to take away everything that doesn’t look like an Elk.   Poplar wood is a light colored wood, so the case has been stained and finished.  The carving will be bringing back the light color, so staining the finished carvings with oil paints will be needed after the case is completed.


     I will be show you the completed carving of this Presentation Pistol Case soon.    Feel free to subscribe to my updates on the upper right side of this page so you don’t miss the update on the finished carving.


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Lance Larson