Custom Carved Pocket Pistol

Handcarved Basketweave on a Pocket Pistol grip


      This is a Jennings J-22 pistol and is a very small pistol in .22 long rifle caliber.   Small pistols like this have historicly been used for protection from various varmints – the four legged,  the two legged, and the slithering snake type.   That is still true in the year 2012.

     This pistol originally had a set of plastic grips by a wooden grip set was purchased at a gun show.   Although I’m not positive, I think the grips are made from a type of Rosewood.    They were smooth but on a pocket pistol, a good grip is required for control of recoil – even in a .22 pistol.   No matter what the size of the pistol, you need to be able to hit what you aim at…..numerous times.












     What is a Pocket Pistol?

     From Wikipedia 
     A pocket pistol is an American term for any small, pocket-sized semi-automatic pistol or, less-popular, any other handgun (e.g., derringer, or small revolver) of (most commonly) small caliber, suitable for concealed carry in either a front or rear pocket of a pair of trousers, or in an exterior coat pocket. Some consider the term solely applicable to hammerless handguns that are striker-fired in semi-automatic blowback configurations.[1] However, with the advent of newer and smaller double action only (DAO) semi-automatic pistol designs, some locked breech concealed-hammer pistol designs are now also called pocket pistols.

     The typical usage of a pocket pistol is for close range self-defense, often serving as a deep concealment backup gun to a larger handgun. Pocket holsters are highly recommended for the safe carry of pocket pistols, with standard practice being to carry the holster (sometimes with a second magazine sub-pocket stitched into the holster) in a front or rear trouser pocket with nothing else carried in the pocket that could snag on the gun when drawn. The most popular pocket holster designs are typically made of form-fitted leather, with a heavy layer of leather worn outward from the body to prevent printing of the gun outline on tight clothing.

     Pocket pistol caliber size is typically .22 LR, .25 ACP, .32 ACP, and .380 ACP .   Pocket pistol users include both concealed handgun licensed private citizens and police officers, desiring a self-defense gun, or desiring to carry a backup gun.


      There’s been a huge surge in the number of states allowing concealed carry of firearms.   The number of people who are gaining firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to carry a firearm regularly has increased dramaticly.   They are exercising their 2nd Amendment Right to protect themselves and their families.   Many of the newer firearms are lightweight polymar or alloy framed with built-in or plastic grips, but some still sport wooden grips.   This allows you the option of adding your own style as well as function to your firearm.

     I used a simple basketweave pattern on these small grips.   The basketweave design offers a very positive gripping surface for recoil control.  Since this firearm is so small that it only can be gripped by two fingers, with one of those being on the trigger and not really holding the pistol, being able to have a good grip is important.


     If you have a pistol grip you would like to personalize, large or small, drop me an email and we can discuss your options. 



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Lance Larson