Custom Carved Jewelry Box


Custom Carved Hunting Dogs on a Jewelry Box.

     A customer contacted me about carving a top of a jewelry box for his wife for Christmas.  The plan was made to ship the box to me right away and work on a design while the box was shipping to save time.  The customer wanted to have their two dogs on the cover and have both of them pointing a covel of Quail.   The box was constructed of Oak and since it is a very light colored wood, the carvings need to be stained when completed.


Their two dogs were a Golden Retreiver and a Brittany.


     Oak is a very different kind of hardwood to carv because of the variations in wood density in the grain.  the lighter areas ar very dense hard wood while the darker stripes of the wood grain are more porous and much softer.   If you are not careful, it’s easy to carve too deep and actually dig a hole with a power carver.   You have to have a light touch to make your carving even over both the soft and hard areas in Oak.


The Completed Carving.


     I stained the carving in variations of earth tones mixing different hues of brown, yellow and red to bring out a Autumn color scheme for the carving.


Completed Jewelry Box.


     This Jewelry Box was shipped off in time to be under the tree for Christmas.   It’s now a Family Heirloom to be passed down.     If a project like this interests you, drop me an email.   Lets discuss it.


Thanks For Stoppin’ By,

Lance Larson