Custom Carved and Engraved Ruger Blackhawk

Custom Engraved Javelina on a Ruger Blackhawk

      This is a single action revolver used on the owner’s handgun hunt for Javelina here in Arizona.  It’s a Ruger New Model Blackhawk in .45 Long Colt.  The owner was successful in harvesting a Javelina on his Spring hunt this year and wanted to memorialize the hunt on his revolver.  I had hand carved the Feathers on this revolver’s grip earlier. 

  What is a Javelina?   It is also known as a Collared Peccary.   Here’s a description from Wikipedia:

 The Collared Peccary (Pecari tajacu) or “musk hog,” referring to the animal’s scent glands, occurs from the southwestern United States into South America and the island of Trinidad. They are found in all kinds of habitats, from arid scrublands to humid tropical rainforests. The Collared Peccary is well adapted to habitat disturbed by humans, merely requiring sufficient cover; they can be found in cities and agricultural land throughout their range. Notable populations exist in the suburbs of Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, where they will feed on ornamental plants and other cultivated vegetation, Collared Peccaries are generally found in bands of eight to 15 animals of various ages. They will defend themselves if they feel threatened but otherwise tend to ignore human beings. They defend themselves with their long tusks, which sharpen themselves whenever the mouth opens or closes.



      We found a design photo to work with and drew out the animal for the engraving.   I removed the cylinder from the revolver and engraved a small Javelina in the side of the cylinder.   As you can see there will be room for five more engravings on this revolver’s six shot cylinder as the hunter has more handgun hunting success.   The owner chose to keep the engraving as it was but this type of engraving could also be re-blued to match the rest of the revolver.


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  1. Wow, Lance! Can’t believe your attention to detail, your steady hand and how creative you are! You’ve been busy, my friend.

    Anyway, just love it! I’m so glad I subscribe to your web site.


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