Completed – Custom Carved Presentation Pistol Case

The Case of the Custom Carved Elk – Part II


     I finished the Presentation Pistol Case that I wrote about a few months back and wanted to bring you up to date.   This case was originally built by by the client in his  high school shop class and he wanted to give it to his father as a gift.   The size of this Poplar wood case is about 24″ x 15″.      

     The center oval relief area took a fair amount of time to bring down to the correct depth.   The Poplar wood was 3/4″ thick and I wanted to carve it down to at least half that depth.    The pine boughs and pine cones were carved in an inlaid style and closer to the original wood surface.   

     There was quite a bit of variation in carving depth needed with the mountains in the background, the trees to the sides and the log and the rock in front of the elk.  It took some time to work out the depth of the carving.

     Poplar wood is a softer wood so it won’t hold the carving detail that a wood like Walnut or Maple will, but it worked quite well in this project.   Once I got the depth of each area carved down to where I wanted it, the time consuming work of texturing the trees and the meadow started.   The elk was really the last thing that I worked the detail into.   This was a gift to a Father from his son so I also carved the Father’s initials in the front of the case 

     After completing the carving, I started on the staining by covering all carved areas with a pre-stain conditioner.   Then I stained all the areas with a light walnut base coat.  After that it was just a case of using diluted oil paints as stains and staining the individual carved areas to the correct hue.

     I finished the Presentaion Pistol Case with serveral coats of Minwax Tung Oil Finish.    I can tell you, the client’s father was very surprised and delighted with the gift.   It currently holds two of his father’s favorite handguns. 




     If you have a case that you may want to personalize, drop me a line and we can work on you design ideas together.



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Lance Larson