Big Buck on a Shotgun

Custom Carved Whitetail on an 870 Shotgun.


     In the eastern half of the United States it is very common for deer hunting to be allowed only with shotguns with shotgun slugs or buckshot.   In the heavily populated states they do this for safety.   I was commissioned to carve a Whitetail Deer on the stock of a Remington 870 shotgun.    This was his “deer gun”.


     My client wanted it as a Christmas present for her husband.   This was going to be a working gun – a gun to be used in the field.   My client said they wanted a “Big Buck” so that’s what I carved.   A Boone & Crockett worthy Whitetail Buck.

Whitetail Buck Inlaid style carving


      Many rifle stocks now are made from light colored hardwoods and the stained and Lacquered.    Walnut stocks are becoming very rare in modern firearms.   The light colored stocks  and laminated stocks  need an extra step to be completed be for they are done – staining the the carving.  


     Above, you can see that the wood under the surface is white so it needed to be stained befor finishing.   Below ,you can see the carving after staining and finishing.



     It got there in time for Christmas and there was one very happy hunter when he found this under the tree.  

     If this is something that interests you for your firearm, drop me an email.


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Lance Larson