AR-15 Personalized Engraving

Engraving on an AR 15 – Zombie Hunter


    This just a quick post to show you the enraving I did on my new AR-15.    I wanted to have something on it no one else had.    A little drawing was found and traced onto right side of my AR-15  lower receiver.   


   I thought something about ZOMBIES would be good for a little chuckle.  I engraved the pattern and I used the same paint I used as a kid to paint models – Testors.    The paint was allowed to dry for a few hours and then I used Hoppes #9 gun cleaning solvent on a piece of cloth to rub and remove any paint that got outside the engraving channels.



  Care had to be taken not to wipe the paint out of the actual engraving.   If that happens, you just start again.   The work took a while as I had to rub very lightly to remove the paint.   In another 24 hours the paint was as hard as rock – totally cured.   It’s not for everyone but I like it!


** I also highlighted the “safe ” and “fire” engravings by the safety with this paint , as well as the Manufacturers Logo.



Thanks for stoppin’ by…..

Lance Larson