Another 1911 “Katana” Grip set

1911 “Katana” or Samurai Sword style grips


     I just finished another set of Model 1911 grips carved in the style of the grip of a Samurai Sword or “Katana”.   My Client purchased the smooth 1911 grips from and they were very high quality grips and they are reasonably priced.   The grips were sent to me after my client test fitted them to his pistol.


    The outer areas of the grips were carved to look like the wrapped string and the diamonds cut out to look line the tanned Stingray skin that is underneath the wrapping.



     The carving was kept the natural wood color except for the diamond cuts in the center which were stained Ebony. 











     Here is the final look.   I fitted them on my own 1911 to see how they would look.   They have a very classy look to them.    Is it a look you would like for your Model 1911? 


Thanks for stoppin’ by……

Lance Larson