A Custom Carved Cane with Deer Antler Handle

Custom Carved Cane of Memories 


Hand Carved Cane   This project started as a smooth Aspen walking stick.   It had a few knots that added character but it was generally smooth all over making it a great canvas for the carving. 

   The cane needed to be a total of 34″ tall so all the hardware had to be installed  and measured before the wood could be measured and cut off to length. 

   I had to shape and fit the handle hardware to the wood and then cut the cane to length remembering a  rubber cap would be mounted on the bottom.   I had to allow for that also.

   The cane handle is made of Deer Antler and is carved to fit into the brass fitting.   It’s carved in one piece, cut in two, then mated together in the brass handle fitting.

Stag cane handle 1

 Stag cane handle 2






   The carving on the cane was to show history – a lifetime of outdoor memories.  The Deer Antler Handle – to remember the lifetime of deer hunting in the Midwest.   His hunting dogs were an important part of the family for him.  

   On the cane itself, his bird dogs are carved – the two Wiemaraners he had early in his life and two of the German Shorthair Pointers he and his family had years later.     



   The carving also has a Pheasant and a Sharptail Grouse – the upland game birds he and his son hunted most often.   Fishing was a big part of the outdoors for him also.   So much so that he never was without his fishing gear in the trunk of his car – 7 days a week – 365 days a year. 


   He and his family took trips to Northern Manitoba almost every spring to fish for Big Walleyes and Monster Northern Pike.   I carved a Monster Pike toward the top of the cane because of the way Big Pike seem to always hit the hook at the surface.    I carved the Walleye at the bottom of the cane since that’s where you catch them – right off the rocky bottom.



   All the different carvings were brought together and surrounded by leaves and vines.   They circled and twisted around the dogs, birds, and fish and blended them all together.   The top and the bottom of the cane was encircled with bands of carved basket weave.  

    I hope he sees this as not just a cane, but as a collection of fond memories.  Because that what it is to me…

 Happy Birthday Dad… thanks



Thanks For Stoppin’ by…

Lance Larson