A Classic Custom Carved Cane

Antler & Aspen – Custom Carved Cane


     This cane was carved as a gift and was my first time designing such a project.  Of course, by using natural components like Antler and Aspen poles, ever cane carved will be unique.   Since there was so much surface area to carve  and the carvings went completely around the project, I decided that leaves and vines would look great.   


     The design of the leaves and vines was time consuming as was the pattern placement of the leaves on the cane.   I decided to only carve vines about two thirds of the way down the cane and then leave a section of natural wood to help with contrast. 






     Antler was used for the handle along with cane hardware specifically designed for adding this type of handle.   It took quite a while to shape the antler handle down so it would fit before I could cut it.   Calipers to match the carved diameter were very useful (and needed) for this part of the work.  


    The antler had to be installed in the hardware in two pieces using Epoxy resin.   The shaped down area in the middle was cut at an angle to make sure the Epoxy had a large surface area to adhere to, as well as to make sure the screw coming up from the top of the cane went up through both sides of the Antler handle inside the brass connector.   I also carved initials in the the antler burr.



     I  carved a basketweave band around the cane at the top and bottom of the vine carvings.



     Finally, the cane carving was stained using Oil paints deluted to work like wood stain to add contrast to the carvings.    I worked to add variation the the leaf color and to make the look like they were just turning to fall colors.


Does this type of project interest you?   Would you like one for yourself? 

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Lance Larson