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Custom Carving for NRA Fundraiser.

Custom Carving of Squirrel on Ruger 10/22

    I am starting a new carving for a rifle that will be auctioned of at a NRA Fundraising banquet.    The carving is currently in the design stage and I wanted to show the rough design drawing I have for the but stock of this Ruger 10/22.  For those of you that are not familiar with Ruger’s model 10/22 rifle, here is a photo of the rifle.

    I thought it might interesting to show the starting point for a gun stock carving – the design stage.    The pencil drawing below gives you an idea of the design plan.  You can’t just sit down and start carving, the design ideas take some time.    In this Squirrel carving, the Squirrel sits in the fork of a maple tree enjoying a meal.   The maple leaf carvings will work their way along the entire stock up through the forearm.   Drawing all the leaves so they are not just the same leaf over and over is a bit of work.    The leaves will be stained to show the beautiful fall color palette.   The final staining of the individual leaves will be the part that will really sets this carving off.   This Custom Carved Rifle will be a featured rifle at the Pinal County Friends of NRA Banquet Auction on April 30th.   

I have to go now, I have a bit of carving to do…………..

Thanks for stoppin’ by,

Lance Larson