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A Custom Carved Weatherby 28 gauge shotgun

Hand Carved stock on a Weatherby 28 gauge  SA-08 Deluxe


The 28 gauge shotgun is a small gauge that has always had a loyal following for hunting quail an other upland game.  They are becoming more popular in the shooting sport competitions and many shooter have a 28 gauge just for the ‘SUB GAUGE” competition at shoots all over the country.  Weatherby came out with a 28 gauge semi auto shotgun last year and uses beautiful Walnut for their stocks.  That is what I used for this custom carving.


Here is a little information about the Weatherby shotgun I used from the American Rifleman Magazine:  http://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/weatherby-sa08-deluxe-28-gauge



I wanted the Hand Carved scene that fit the shotgun that it was carved upon and decided to go with a bird dog and quail – a great combination on any shotgun.   I tried to make it a simple design with Basket Weave replacing the checkering and a partial border of Oak Lea.ves and Acorns added.   The scene is three quail busting out from under the dog’s nose as he holds point.   This is a scene that should get any bird hunter’s blood pumpin’.



I chose to keep the shape of the original checkering when I replaced it with basket weave because, with many manufacturers, that shape identifies the manufacturer and model of the firearm.  In this case, it was also a nice looking design.   I went with Basket Weave because it is a classic style and it also gives a good grip on a shotgun.

If this style of carving is something you would be interested in for your shotgun, Contact me.   I’ll help you with your own Family Heirloom.


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Lance Larson

Hand Carved Heirloom Golden Boy

 Custom Carved Tribute to a Father

 Henry Golden Boy .22

In my experience, the two most common reasons for a client to want a gunstock carved are…

      * Memories…  A special hunt, for example.

      * In Memory of… a Family member or four legged hunting partner.


 Henry Golden Boy .22Henry Golden Boy .22Henry Golden Boy


The latter was the reason for my most recent commission.  My client wanted the stock for a Henry Golden Boy stock carved as a present for her husband.   The photo above shows that rifle.    It was to be a memorial and tribute to his Father.


Golden Boy 2


She mentioned that his Father had been referred to as an “Oak Tree” so she wanted Oak leaves on the stock and a sentiment carved in the stock also.  During our communication for planning the design she also said she liked the idea of a cross in the carving.  I suggested an old wooden cross on a hill and she liked that idea.


This Stock needed to be done for Christmas so I told her I would get it to her well before the holiday.   When I started working on this carving, I couldn’t put it down.   I love carving leaves, but it was this tribute to a Father that really moved me. 

 Golden Boy Stock 002

Carving this Walnut tribute made me think about my own Father and I wanted this to be a special Family Heirloom.  I wanted it to be a carving that would make my own Father proud if he saw it.


To contact me regarding your own Family Heirloom, drop me an email.


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Lance Larson






Hand carved Gothic Cross on a rifle stock

Custom carved Flowing Vines and a Gothic Cross


     I was commissioned to work on the stock for a 30-30 lever action rifle like the photo above.   The client had a special request for the carving.   It was something I had never carved in a gunstock before.    A Gothic Cross surrounded by flowing vines.


    You never really know where a client will get their ideas from in regards to a craving design for a gunstock.   This design idea came from an Iphone cover she saw for sale online.   You can see what I started with in the photo below.

Christy Kovas Commission for 30-30l

    We spent some time working out a design together through emailing design drawing and and came up wigh a design that fit the client’s vision.    After we worked out the design for the stock , the stock was shipped to me.   When the stock arrived it have pressed checkering on the grip and forearm that I was not aware of and the design had to be adjusted to cover that area.    


    Since there was checkering, that had to be removed in between the carved vines on the forearm and pistol grip areas.   Initially this was planned as an inlaid carving but had to be changed to a relief carving becuase of the checkering removal  














     The stock was a white hardwood and needed to be stained and finished after the carving was complete.   Since the areas of checkering had to be carved in relief, the same style had to be continued through the entire gunstock.   The flow of the design needed to go through the entire gunstock.


    After the stock was carved I stained ithe carved areas with two coats of Minwax “Special Walnut” stain and added color to the leaves and cross with deluted oil paints.    The Stock was finished with a spray on satin wood finish . 


   I took time to shoot video of the carving of this stock and if you would like to see the process, go to YouTube and search “Lance Larson Studio – Gunstock Carving”.   You can see many aspects of carving this piece.


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Lance Larson 




A Shotgun Pheasant Carving

Custom Carved Pheasant on a Remington 1100


     This custom carving was done on an older Remington 1100 shotgun.  The shotgun was made at least 35 years ago and back then the walnut stocks were all high quality and had great figure in the wood grain.   This stock was no exception.        


     This shotgun had been used for years for upland game so a Pheasant design was the perfect choice.    It was decided to carve this in an Inlaid style with no surrounding relief carving.   This would show off, rather than cover up the beautiful wood grain.


     The carving is a ringneck Pheasant busting out of cover at the corner of an old wooden split rail fenceline.    The goal was to bring back a memory……the memory of the excitement ……the explosion of sounds that a big rooster makes busting out of cover when he erupts at your feet.


     Memories of a hunt with your favorite dog…… of a hunt with your son or daughter……your first hunt with your father.    These are the things a carving like this will do…..every time you pull out that shotgun or rifle the memories will come flooding back.     That’s what a Family Heirloom is all about…Memories. 













 If you would be interested in a carving for your shotgun in this style, or any design you have in mind, drop me an email – lets discuss it.


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Lance Larson