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Hand Carved Labrador Retriever on a Shotgun

His Lab is always with him in the field…


     This custom carved shotgun was planned to be a wife’s surprise gift to her husband, time  was an issue so it turned out to be a gift they planned out together.   She wanted a carving of their Labrador Retriever holding a duck on the buttstock and His initials carved in the forearm of the shotgun.   As far as I know, their Lab is still with them and this carving is not a memorial.


     I received the stock from the client and found that it was from a shotgun that was his favorite and the finish was worn off in a few places.    His shotgun had seen much of use and had more than a few stories to tell.   I did had to lightly sand it and give it a couple thin coats of finish before I could start the carving.   This was done only to prevent stain from invading the uncarved areas during the final stages of finishing this carving. 


     The carving was done in an inlaid style leaving the wood around the carving untouched.   The wood was a light colored hardwood so the carving had to be stained after carving.    It was stained using a Burnt Umber color oil paint that I diluted with mineral spirits to turn it to a stain.   Since his dog was a Yellow Lab, I left the dog a mostly natural color of the light hardwood with a few highlights and stained the duck darker.


     As you can see, a stock does not have to be new or perfect to look great with a memory carved on it.   Contact me if I can help you with creating a Family Heirloom of your own.


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Lance Larson