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Hand Carved Heirloom Golden Boy

 Custom Carved Tribute to a Father

 Henry Golden Boy .22

In my experience, the two most common reasons for a client to want a gunstock carved are…

      * Memories…  A special hunt, for example.

      * In Memory of… a Family member or four legged hunting partner.


 Henry Golden Boy .22Henry Golden Boy .22Henry Golden Boy


The latter was the reason for my most recent commission.  My client wanted the stock for a Henry Golden Boy stock carved as a present for her husband.   The photo above shows that rifle.    It was to be a memorial and tribute to his Father.


Golden Boy 2


She mentioned that his Father had been referred to as an “Oak Tree” so she wanted Oak leaves on the stock and a sentiment carved in the stock also.  During our communication for planning the design she also said she liked the idea of a cross in the carving.  I suggested an old wooden cross on a hill and she liked that idea.


This Stock needed to be done for Christmas so I told her I would get it to her well before the holiday.   When I started working on this carving, I couldn’t put it down.   I love carving leaves, but it was this tribute to a Father that really moved me. 

 Golden Boy Stock 002

Carving this Walnut tribute made me think about my own Father and I wanted this to be a special Family Heirloom.  I wanted it to be a carving that would make my own Father proud if he saw it.


To contact me regarding your own Family Heirloom, drop me an email.


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Lance Larson






Custom carving a classic .22 target rifle

Hand carved Stock on a CZ .22 Ultra Lux

     This is a new project I just completed on a CZ Ultra Lux .22 caliber target rifle.   This Target Rifle has beautiful lines  with it’s Europeon style stock and it’s 28.5 inch barrel makes it a very accurate rifle for punching hole in paper.  
      It has a stained Beechwood stock and I wanted to carve something simple yet classic on the stock.   I did not want to take away from the clean classic lines of the rifle itself.
     The first thing I did was remove the pressed checkering from the pistol grip area and replace it with fishscale carving.  The checkering that was heat pressed into the stock at the factory was not too deep and I just shaved a little bit of the surface to remove it an leave a clean slate for the carving to come.    The same factory outline was kept for the Fishscale carving.
     I then added just a few oak eaves and acorns to the corner of the buttstock and a few more leaves wrapping around the forearm for a little grip.   Once again the key here was not to over do it with the design.   A few leaves “here and there” was all that was needed to make this a one of a kind stock.   The stock now is reminiscent of the leaf carvings on 18th century Europeon rifles.
     The Carvings on the stock were stained with a walnut stain after carving and finished with Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish.   I applied two coats of this finish diluted 50/50 with mineral spirits to give it the protection needed.


     This rifle is now a Family Heirloom and also will hopefully be punching paper for generations to come.   Drop me an email if this type of classic carving interests you.
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Lance Larson




Custom Carved Henry Golden Boy .22 Rifle

 A Boy’s First Golden Boy 


     Recently I was contacted by a gentleman who wanted to have gift carved for his son.   He had a Henry Golden Boy that he wanted the stock hand carved.    He knew he wanted scrolls carved on it and his sons name and maybe an animal too. 


Here is a decription for the Henry Repeating Arms website descibing a “Henry Golden Boy” :


    “The Henry Golden Boy is a masterpiece of fine crafted gunsmithing. Any shooting enthusiast who    closely examines one is immediately impressed with the excellent fit, finish and overall visually elegant design.

   The Golden Boy rifle’s awesome 20-inch blued octagonal barrel, American walnut stock, brass buttplate and gleaming Brasslite receiver will transport you back to the wild and wooley days of America’s Old West, when our company founder Benjamin Tyler Henry designed the original Henry lever action rifle.”


     Oh, did I mention this was for his son’s second birthday?   He and his wife are giving their son a gun for his birthday every year so he will have a good collection when he grows up.   Are they great parents or what?


     He mentioned that he had bought a Ruger single action .22 revolver for his first birthday.   He was wondering about carving that too.   I was so impressed with what he was doing for his son that I said if he comissioned the rifle carving, I would carve the pistol grips as a bonus for his son at no extra cost.


     We worked out the design together and he decided the most important animal in his son’s life was his dog, Dixie.   The design included hand carved Custom scrollwork on the stock and forearm, the dog’s portrait from a photo, his son’s name carved on the forearm, and a sentiment about Dixie.  


     The stock on the Henry .22 lever action was a nice Walnut and that is very uncommon on a .22 rifle from most manufacturers.    It just makes such a superior carving because Walnut holds fine carving detail so well.   I’m sure this new family Heirloom will be happily passed down and enjoyed for years to come,


     If you have a rifle, shotgun, or handgun you want to turn into a family Heirloom, I would be happy to work with you.   Drop me an email and we can discuss your plans.




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Lance Larson







Inlaid Ivory Brand for a Gunstock

Custom Carving a Rancher’s Brand on his Rifle Stock


     This gentleman wanted his registered brand engraved on the butt of his rifle stock.   He is very active in Cowboy Action Shooting and it’s a lever action rifle he uses in competion.   I started out by tracing around one of his actual branding irons the get the exact “Branding Iron” look for the carving.  


     We decides to make it a simulated Ivory Inlay with carving around it.   The first step was to center the design and carve out the design area for the ivory.   The wood is carved out with an undercut or “dovetail” to hold the Ivory when it sets.   Then I surrounded the carved area with clay and pour the simulated Ivory,   When it hardened and the clay was removed, it looked like this.


     The brand was left with plenty of extra material to work with.   The goal with the raised Ivory brand was to shape it down, but still have it be slightly higher than the stock itself.    The top of the Ivory carving was rounded.

     I then put a final shape to the ivory brand letter edges and shaped the wood around the Ivory with a stippling process.

     The carved wood area was then stained a deep Walnut color for deeper contrast with the Ivory brand and then given a day to dry completely.   The carving was given several coats of Tung oil finish.


Does a carving like this interest you for your rifle?    Drop me an email – lets discuss it.


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Lance Larson








Custom Carved Rifle for a Church

Custom Carved Rossi Lever Action Rifle

     While at a gun show recently, a gentleman came to my booth and asked about carving a stock for a rifle that was to be a gift for their Pastor at his church.   Over the next couple weeks of email communication we worked out a design  for the stock.   It featured leaves, western boots, a sentiment for the Pastor’s 25 years of service to the church, and the church’s logo.   The Rifle was a Rossi Lever action rifle in 30-30 caliber.







     The Church was very happy to present this rifle to their Pastor and it will be displayed with pride.   I do hope it gets shot a few times too.

     If you have a gift like this you need personalized for you needs or to commemorate some event, drop me an email and we can talk.


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Lance Larson