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Custom carving a classic .22 target rifle

Hand carved Stock on a CZ .22 Ultra Lux

     This is a new project I just completed on a CZ Ultra Lux .22 caliber target rifle.   This Target Rifle has beautiful lines  with it’s Europeon style stock and it’s 28.5 inch barrel makes it a very accurate rifle for punching hole in paper.  
      It has a stained Beechwood stock and I wanted to carve something simple yet classic on the stock.   I did not want to take away from the clean classic lines of the rifle itself.
     The first thing I did was remove the pressed checkering from the pistol grip area and replace it with fishscale carving.  The checkering that was heat pressed into the stock at the factory was not too deep and I just shaved a little bit of the surface to remove it an leave a clean slate for the carving to come.    The same factory outline was kept for the Fishscale carving.
     I then added just a few oak eaves and acorns to the corner of the buttstock and a few more leaves wrapping around the forearm for a little grip.   Once again the key here was not to over do it with the design.   A few leaves “here and there” was all that was needed to make this a one of a kind stock.   The stock now is reminiscent of the leaf carvings on 18th century Europeon rifles.
     The Carvings on the stock were stained with a walnut stain after carving and finished with Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish.   I applied two coats of this finish diluted 50/50 with mineral spirits to give it the protection needed.


     This rifle is now a Family Heirloom and also will hopefully be punching paper for generations to come.   Drop me an email if this type of classic carving interests you.
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Lance Larson