New “Katana” Design for 1911 grips

A 1911 “Samarai Sword” Grip Design


     Model 1911 grips are difficult to design custom carvings for because there is just not much wood to work with.   They are very thin.   Here is a new grip carving design that gives a solid hold on the firearm and has a bit of style.   Call it the “Katana grip” modeled after the Japanese Samurai Sword, sometimes called a “Katana”.

     It’s carved to copy the grip of a Samurai sword like the one above.   The braided cord area on the grip is carved to show the individual braided cords in the swords grip.  The diamond areas in the middle are in lower relief and stippled to copy the stingray skin used underneth the cording on the sword’s grip.    The grip of your sidearm should make it feel like it’s an extention of your hand,  just like a Samurai’s sword was an extention of his.













       If you would like a carving like this on your 1911’s grips, or on any other sidearm grips,  contact me.    I liked the feel of this design so much, I carved one for my own .38 Super model 1911.


Thanks for stoppin’ by…

Lance Larson