Inlaid Ivory Brand for a Gunstock

Custom Carving a Rancher’s Brand on his Rifle Stock


     This gentleman wanted his registered brand engraved on the butt of his rifle stock.   He is very active in Cowboy Action Shooting and it’s a lever action rifle he uses in competion.   I started out by tracing around one of his actual branding irons the get the exact “Branding Iron” look for the carving.  


     We decides to make it a simulated Ivory Inlay with carving around it.   The first step was to center the design and carve out the design area for the ivory.   The wood is carved out with an undercut or “dovetail” to hold the Ivory when it sets.   Then I surrounded the carved area with clay and pour the simulated Ivory,   When it hardened and the clay was removed, it looked like this.


     The brand was left with plenty of extra material to work with.   The goal with the raised Ivory brand was to shape it down, but still have it be slightly higher than the stock itself.    The top of the Ivory carving was rounded.

     I then put a final shape to the ivory brand letter edges and shaped the wood around the Ivory with a stippling process.

     The carved wood area was then stained a deep Walnut color for deeper contrast with the Ivory brand and then given a day to dry completely.   The carving was given several coats of Tung oil finish.


Does a carving like this interest you for your rifle?    Drop me an email – lets discuss it.


Thanks for stoppin’ by…..

Lance Larson