Hand carved Gothic Cross on a rifle stock

Custom carved Flowing Vines and a Gothic Cross


     I was commissioned to work on the stock for a 30-30 lever action rifle like the photo above.   The client had a special request for the carving.   It was something I had never carved in a gunstock before.    A Gothic Cross surrounded by flowing vines.


    You never really know where a client will get their ideas from in regards to a craving design for a gunstock.   This design idea came from an Iphone cover she saw for sale online.   You can see what I started with in the photo below.

Christy Kovas Commission for 30-30l

    We spent some time working out a design together through emailing design drawing and and came up wigh a design that fit the client’s vision.    After we worked out the design for the stock , the stock was shipped to me.   When the stock arrived it have pressed checkering on the grip and forearm that I was not aware of and the design had to be adjusted to cover that area.    


    Since there was checkering, that had to be removed in between the carved vines on the forearm and pistol grip areas.   Initially this was planned as an inlaid carving but had to be changed to a relief carving becuase of the checkering removal  














     The stock was a white hardwood and needed to be stained and finished after the carving was complete.   Since the areas of checkering had to be carved in relief, the same style had to be continued through the entire gunstock.   The flow of the design needed to go through the entire gunstock.


    After the stock was carved I stained ithe carved areas with two coats of Minwax “Special Walnut” stain and added color to the leaves and cross with deluted oil paints.    The Stock was finished with a spray on satin wood finish . 


   I took time to shoot video of the carving of this stock and if you would like to see the process, go to YouTube and search “Lance Larson Studio – Gunstock Carving”.   You can see many aspects of carving this piece.


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Lance Larson