Custom Scrimshaw Carving on a Simulated Ivory Grips

Scrimshaw Carving on Simulated Ivory Grips.

     You can personalize your simulated Ivory grips.  They can’t be actually carved but they can decorated with a style called “Scrimshaw” which is etching the surface of the grip then adding color, usually black.  

     This can also be done on real bone; or Deer, Elk, or Moose Altler knife handles.   I recently scrimshawed a set of simulated Ivory grips on a revolver.   Since they were added to look like Ivory, an Elephant was etched into the grips on both sides.

Other Scrimshawed Grips & Knives.



















     This can be a great way to make your firearm or knife different from the rest.    If the Scrimshaw style interests you…drop me an email.


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Lance Larson