Custom Carved Pocket Knife for Dad’s Birthday

Hand Carved Birthday Present



  “Happy Birthday Dad !”  


    My Dad has loved and collected knives for his entire life and always had a pocket knife of some sort with him.   I wanted to give him a nice, hand carved knife that was a little fancy but something he would still carry and use.   The classic Stockman style pocket knife above was my starting point. 

     The side scales on the knife are of white bone.   I started by adding jeweling to the bolsters at each end.  They were shiny brass but this always dulls up and gets scratched in your pocket. 

     I used a small round carbide burr in my air-driven Paragraver tool and just tapped the brass lightly to produce small carved dots in a random pattern until the entire area was filled in.   Brass is a soft metal so it takes a light touch.   The key is to do carve these little dots randomly or you will notice lines through the jeweled metal.       

     I drew out the leaves and the wording on pattern material and applied the pattern to the knife scales.   I then etched it in the bone with a very fine point burr.   This is done in Scrimshaw style so I  just scratched the outline into the bone.  

     Then I rubbed a little “burnt sienna” oil paint (directly out of the tube) on the bone with my finger to get it in all the etched areas.   It doesn’t take much paint.   Then I wiped off the excess, buffed the bone with a paper towel, and let is sit and dry for 24 hours.  

     I also got a Bonus!   By buffing the oil paint into the bone, it had the added effect of making the bone look like actual aged Ivory knife scales.











     This knife is on the way to him as I write this.   I hope he likes it, carries it often, and that he actually uses it, even if it’s just to cut an apple.


     Personalized Knives like this make great Birthday or Graduation presents, Gifts for Father’s Day, and Groomsmen Gifts.   If I can help, contact me and we can talk about your ideas.




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Lance Larson