A much more stylish, custom carved, Katana 1911 Grip

 Custom Carved Katana Grip Evolution


I have carved quite a few of my “Katana” 1911 grips for folks all over the nation.  The feel so good in the hand that I have a set on my own 1911.    But nothing stays the same.   The “Katana” Grip style underwent an evolution recently.   Let me show you…


I had a client send me a photo of a Samauri Sword handle that had a metal ornament in the handle.  I was on top of the rayskin and the cording of the grip was wrapped around it.  The ornament became part of the grip.  He asked if I could incorporate this in a carving of a set of grips for his 1911 and I moved forward with this project.


The 1911 grips he sent were smooth Maple and the design called for a third level to be carved in the thin 1911 grips – Three blossums and two flowerbuds to look like they were wrapped under the carved corded area of the grips and only showing through the diamond shaped openings along the grip.    Below is what the looked with the carving complete and before the staining and finishing was done.



I took some time with the staining using oil paints that were diluted down to be much lik a stain instead of a paint.   The only area that was stained was the area inside the carved diamonds,   The rest of the grips were finishe their natural woodgrain with Tru-Oil finish applied with my fingertip to work in into the wood.   A brush works fine, but I find it better to work a good clear oil finish in the the stock by hand to prevent drips in the finish.   many thin coats are better that one or two thick coats.






Is this a grip style that interests you?   If you have a custom design idea, we can work the final design up together.  Drop me an email.

Thanks for stoppin’ in …

Lance Larson