A Custom Carved Wedding Gift

Custom Carved Weatherby stock for a Wedding Gift


       I received an email a few months ago from a woman who wanted to surprise her fiance on their wedding day with a custom carved gunstock for one of his rifles.    After we did some design work and found the right subject matter she started looking for the right rifle and stock for this project.  


      With the help of some of her future in-laws,  she found and old Weatherby Mark V that was in the family and had a stock that needed some refinishing TLC, but had truely beautiful grain in the Walnut stock.


      The subject matter was Whitetail Deer in a meadow and she wanted me to have the family Cabin carved in the corner of the meadow.  Many photos of the cabin area as well as the cabin itself were emailed to me to assist in the design.    the old checkering was removed and basketweave and oak leaves added in it’s place.



     My client had planned well in advance so there was not a rush –  we could plan it and I would complete it with a month to spare.  Planning in advance like this is a luxury that I am not used to and I really enjoyed it.    Rushed work and artistic expression do not go well together.












     If you have ideas for personalizing an item or creating an Heirloom like this , contact me and we can discuss it.


Thanks for stoppin’ by…


Lance Larson