A Custom Carved, Handmade Slingshot

Hand Carved Fishscale on a Handmade Slingshot.



     I’ve completed hand carvings on many different custom and handmade items in the past, but this project was the first, and possibly only job of this type for me.   My client contacted me and wanted to finish off his handmade slingshot with some Fishscale carving,  

     It was made, as all slingshots should be, from a Y-shaped piece of wood for strength.  The wood he used was Butternut and it was just beautiful.   It was custom shaped to his hand and the fishscale was needed so the grip would not slip off his palm.   It has a beautiful semi-gloss finish that makes it, with the addition of the carving, a one-of-kind masterpiece.










The slingshot was already completed and ready to fire when it arrived, as you can see.   I had to be careful and protect the surgical band he used for the sling itself while I carved.  Just like on the pistol grip on some rifles, I had to carve around a palm swell shown in the photo to the left above.   You can see the back of the slingshot is shaped perfectly for his fingers.  I say that because it did not fit my hand at all.


     If you have a different project that you think could be augmented by custom carving, drop me an email.  Lets figure it out.

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Lance Larson


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