Metal, Glass, Antler, & Bone

Custom Engraved Knives  &  Scrimshaw Knives

I have engraved, carved, and scrimshawed knives for clients and donated knives to many Nonprofit Organizations such as the Friends of the NRA and Arizona Hunter Education to assist their fundraising efforts.

Glass and Bottle Engraving

  Engraving wine bottles and other glass items make great personalized “Thank You” gifts.  The perfect gift for any occasion can always be improved with engraving.

Scrimshaw carving

Knife Engraving

Glass Engraving

 Other Carvings

Presentation Pistol cases, Hardwood gun cases, Carved wall art, Name plaques for your desk, Your imagination is your only limitation.   What can I create for you?

Please email for pricing info on custom projects.

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