Portfolio of my Gunstock Carving

     I have done carvings  on new guns, old guns, antique guns. and replacement stocks.   Some were well used and worn and every nick in their stock told a story.   A couple were what some hunters call “gun safe queens” that seldom, if ever, see use in the field.   They all had one thing in common though.  The owners wanted to go that extra step to make them special – to make it their gun.





Animal Carvings

6 thoughts on “Gunstocks”

  1. Hello,
    I am inquiring about, a custom carved birdshead type of grip, for my Winchester 1300 12ga. I have the plastic SPEEDFEED version and have seen them made of wood on Remington 870’s. I also have seen another, called the “Raptor Grip”(only made for Mossberg 500 series). If this is something that you can do, please let me know and I will order one promptly. Also, I have noticed alot of people online, in forums, are searching for them to.
    Thank You,
    Alex Odle

  2. i have a henry goldenboy and would like to do some thing with it as its important to me so could you do something with it?

  3. I received your comment on my website regarding your rifle. To answer your question “could you do something with it?” the short answer is yes. The long answer – We can do anything you want. You just have to give me an idea what you have in mind for a carving.

    You said the rifle was important to you – why is it important? Is there a history with this rifle? – do you want to commemorate an event? I would be happy to work with you on the design. Tell me your thoughts on this rifle and we can design something together. Email me at

    Lance Larson

  4. Hi how did you keep the elk all one color on the laminate carve job you did …great job by the way

  5. Jason,

    Glad you like the Elk carving. I used oil paints that I have diluted down so they work as a wood stain. You have to paint / stain game carvings to make them look right on laminate wood, even laminate that is all one color, or they come out striped. Thanks for stoppin’ by my website.


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