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Another 1911 “Katana” Grip set

1911 “Katana” or Samurai Sword style grips


     I just finished another set of Model 1911 grips carved in the style of the grip of a Samurai Sword or “Katana”.   My Client purchased the smooth 1911 grips from and they were very high quality grips and they are reasonably priced.   The grips were sent to me after my client test fitted them to his pistol.


    The outer areas of the grips were carved to look like the wrapped string and the diamonds cut out to look line the tanned Stingray skin that is underneath the wrapping.



     The carving was kept the natural wood color except for the diamond cuts in the center which were stained Ebony. 











     Here is the final look.   I fitted them on my own 1911 to see how they would look.   They have a very classy look to them.    Is it a look you would like for your Model 1911? 


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Lance Larson


Custom Carved Henry Golden Boy .22 Rifle

 A Boy’s First Golden Boy 


     Recently I was contacted by a gentleman who wanted to have gift carved for his son.   He had a Henry Golden Boy that he wanted the stock hand carved.    He knew he wanted scrolls carved on it and his sons name and maybe an animal too. 


Here is a decription for the Henry Repeating Arms website descibing a “Henry Golden Boy” :


    “The Henry Golden Boy is a masterpiece of fine crafted gunsmithing. Any shooting enthusiast who    closely examines one is immediately impressed with the excellent fit, finish and overall visually elegant design.

   The Golden Boy rifle’s awesome 20-inch blued octagonal barrel, American walnut stock, brass buttplate and gleaming Brasslite receiver will transport you back to the wild and wooley days of America’s Old West, when our company founder Benjamin Tyler Henry designed the original Henry lever action rifle.”


     Oh, did I mention this was for his son’s second birthday?   He and his wife are giving their son a gun for his birthday every year so he will have a good collection when he grows up.   Are they great parents or what?


     He mentioned that he had bought a Ruger single action .22 revolver for his first birthday.   He was wondering about carving that too.   I was so impressed with what he was doing for his son that I said if he comissioned the rifle carving, I would carve the pistol grips as a bonus for his son at no extra cost.


     We worked out the design together and he decided the most important animal in his son’s life was his dog, Dixie.   The design included hand carved Custom scrollwork on the stock and forearm, the dog’s portrait from a photo, his son’s name carved on the forearm, and a sentiment about Dixie.  


     The stock on the Henry .22 lever action was a nice Walnut and that is very uncommon on a .22 rifle from most manufacturers.    It just makes such a superior carving because Walnut holds fine carving detail so well.   I’m sure this new family Heirloom will be happily passed down and enjoyed for years to come,


     If you have a rifle, shotgun, or handgun you want to turn into a family Heirloom, I would be happy to work with you.   Drop me an email and we can discuss your plans.




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Lance Larson







Finders Keepers – A Hand Carved Story

Finders Keepers, or “How a Grizzly gets your Elk”.


   When I built and completed a solid Walnut sideboard table a few years ago,  I had a huge left over chunk of Walnut that over two feet long and eighteen inches or so wide.   It would make a great carving so I had saved it for just the right carving subject. 

     There has always been competition between predators for food in the wild.  This carving shows just such a stand off.  A hunter in the Rockies got his elk, went back to camp for his pack horses, and finds that that it my not be his elk anymore.  His pack hourses seem to agree since they are heading for parts unkown as fast as they can.   Hence the title “Finders Keepers”.   


Finders Keepers image

     I did use the grain of the wood to decide how the design would be laid out.   The right side of the wood grain swirled and swept up like a tree trunk so that’s what it became.  You can see the many shade variations in the grain in the sky background.   I left that area natural for just that reason.

     As an  outdoorsman and hunter, Grizzly bears have always fascinated me.   When we hunt, fish or just hike in the northern Rocky Mountains, we have to realize that humans are not at the top of the food chain out there.   It not a park, it’s not Disneyland, it is a majestic, harsh wilderness and this kind of confrontation can happen.  I tried to show this in my carving of this stand off.

Grizzly image 1


Grizzly close up image

 Carved leaves image

      I entered this carving in my first juried art show on October of last year.   Having practiced and worked on my carving skill over the years, I had always competed in carving competitions, never art shows.  

     I was not sure what to expect, or even if my work would even fit in their competition.   I entered in Sculpture as this was the closest division they had to my work – they accepted it into the show.  

     It was a nice opportunity to show my work to a wider audience and though I didn’t win, it was nice to be recognized with an “Honorable Mention”. 


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Lance Larson






A Custom Carved Cane with Deer Antler Handle

Custom Carved Cane of Memories 


Hand Carved Cane   This project started as a smooth Aspen walking stick.   It had a few knots that added character but it was generally smooth all over making it a great canvas for the carving. 

   The cane needed to be a total of 34″ tall so all the hardware had to be installed  and measured before the wood could be measured and cut off to length. 

   I had to shape and fit the handle hardware to the wood and then cut the cane to length remembering a  rubber cap would be mounted on the bottom.   I had to allow for that also.

   The cane handle is made of Deer Antler and is carved to fit into the brass fitting.   It’s carved in one piece, cut in two, then mated together in the brass handle fitting.

Stag cane handle 1

 Stag cane handle 2






   The carving on the cane was to show history – a lifetime of outdoor memories.  The Deer Antler Handle – to remember the lifetime of deer hunting in the Midwest.   His hunting dogs were an important part of the family for him.  

   On the cane itself, his bird dogs are carved – the two Wiemaraners he had early in his life and two of the German Shorthair Pointers he and his family had years later.     



   The carving also has a Pheasant and a Sharptail Grouse – the upland game birds he and his son hunted most often.   Fishing was a big part of the outdoors for him also.   So much so that he never was without his fishing gear in the trunk of his car – 7 days a week – 365 days a year. 


   He and his family took trips to Northern Manitoba almost every spring to fish for Big Walleyes and Monster Northern Pike.   I carved a Monster Pike toward the top of the cane because of the way Big Pike seem to always hit the hook at the surface.    I carved the Walleye at the bottom of the cane since that’s where you catch them – right off the rocky bottom.



   All the different carvings were brought together and surrounded by leaves and vines.   They circled and twisted around the dogs, birds, and fish and blended them all together.   The top and the bottom of the cane was encircled with bands of carved basket weave.  

    I hope he sees this as not just a cane, but as a collection of fond memories.  Because that what it is to me…

 Happy Birthday Dad… thanks



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Lance Larson


Big Buck on a Shotgun

Custom Carved Whitetail on an 870 Shotgun.


     In the eastern half of the United States it is very common for deer hunting to be allowed only with shotguns with shotgun slugs or buckshot.   In the heavily populated states they do this for safety.   I was commissioned to carve a Whitetail Deer on the stock of a Remington 870 shotgun.    This was his “deer gun”.


     My client wanted it as a Christmas present for her husband.   This was going to be a working gun – a gun to be used in the field.   My client said they wanted a “Big Buck” so that’s what I carved.   A Boone & Crockett worthy Whitetail Buck.

Whitetail Buck Inlaid style carving


      Many rifle stocks now are made from light colored hardwoods and the stained and Lacquered.    Walnut stocks are becoming very rare in modern firearms.   The light colored stocks  and laminated stocks  need an extra step to be completed be for they are done – staining the the carving.  


     Above, you can see that the wood under the surface is white so it needed to be stained befor finishing.   Below ,you can see the carving after staining and finishing.



     It got there in time for Christmas and there was one very happy hunter when he found this under the tree.  

     If this is something that interests you for your firearm, drop me an email.


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Lance Larson