Custom Gunstock Carving by Lance Larson Studio

 Working with wood has always been a part of my life in one form or another.  I enjoy the warm feel of wood and the natural beauty in the woodgrain. I have a passion for woodcarving, especially Custom Gunstock Carvings. It’s important to me that my carvings enhance the beauty of the wood, not cover it up.

My enjoyment comes from making your firearm a true family heirloom for you. Each piece is uniquely designed and will never be duplicated. Your hand carved stock will become a cherished heirloom that will Shotgun Pheasant carving inmagebe passed down from generation to generation.   


Custom carving and engraving is not just for gunstocks, but can be added to almost any item.  I regularly carve and scrimshaw on both antler and bone.  You can have a knife personalized for you or for someone special.  Engraved knives make great gifts for the groomsmen at weddings.   10-22-squirrelEngraved gifts for the wedding party are always appreciated long after the wedding day. 


Maybe you want to give a special Thank You gift.  Giving a bottle of wine or spirits 100_1455engraved with a special message is a great gift for a special occasion.  How happy do you think your dinner party hosts would be if you brought them an engraved bottle of wine as a “Thank you”?    There is truly not an occasion that can’t be made more special with personalized engraving.


Recent Projects (Click to Enlarge)

Hunting_Dog_Carvings_001  Mantle_carvings_002