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Squirrel gun with a European feel.

Carved stock with a European Style Leaf and Acorn motif.   This Custom carved stock was on a CZ .22 Training Rifle and since is had a classic European shape to the stock I chose to make the carving have a decidedly older European flair.    The carving subject was a combination of Leaves and Acorns.  I researched carvings of […]

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A Custom Carved, Handmade Slingshot

Hand Carved Fishscale on a Handmade Slingshot.        I’ve completed hand carvings on many different custom and handmade items in the past, but this project was the first, and possibly only job of this type for me.   My client contacted me and wanted to finish off his handmade slingshot with some Fishscale carving,        It […]

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Custom carving a classic .22 target rifle

Hand carved Stock on a CZ .22 Ultra Lux      This is a new project I just completed on a CZ Ultra Lux .22 caliber target rifle.   This Target Rifle has beautiful lines  with it’s Europeon style stock and it’s 28.5 inch barrel makes it a very accurate rifle for punching hole in paper.         It […]

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Coues deer & cactus closeup image

Coues Deer Rifle

Custom Gunstock Carving of a Coues Deer    This rifle is one of my own.  An ongoing project with the end finally in sight.   It started as a 1909 Peruvian Mauser bolt action rifle in 7×57 caliber that I found used in a small gun shop in Mesa AZ.   It caught my eye because the receiver was not […]

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Carving Fishscale

Do you need to “Get a Grip” ?

Do you need to “Get a Grip” ? Carved gunstocks and carved pistol grips look great, there is a functional reason that grips and forearms are carved on guns.  It is so you can….. get a grip. The importance of getting a good grip on your firearm has been around almost as long as firearms themselves.   […]

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