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A much more stylish, custom carved, Katana 1911 Grip

 Custom Carved Katana Grip Evolution   I have carved quite a few of my “Katana” 1911 grips for folks all over the nation.  The feel so good in the hand that I have a set on my own 1911.    But nothing stays the same.   The “Katana” Grip style underwent an evolution recently.   Let me show you…   […]

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The Silver Star on a 1911 Grip

Two Military Metals on one set of 1911 grips.        I was contacted by a client who wanted a special Christmas gift for a parent who had been awarded both the the Silver Star and the Purple Heart.    He wanted the medals carved on the pistol grips for a 1911 pistol.     I jumped at the chance […]

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Model 1911 Grips for a Wounded Worrior

 Hand Carved Purple Heart Medal on 1911 Grips.         I recently had the pleasure to carve a set of grips for member of our armed forces .    This person was awarded the Purple Heart and wanted to have it on the grip of a 1911 along with the name and symbol of the soldier’s unit.     […]

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Model 1911 custom carved grips

Custom Carved Grips for your Model 1911        There has been a huge increase of popularity in the model 1911 pistol over the last few years.   It seems to be peaking with the 100th anniversary of the model 1911 this year.   Because of this there are a huge number of firearms manufacturers making various versions […]

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A custom carved pair of 1911 pistol grips

Custom Carving 1911 pistol grips      I just finished a carving on a Rock Island Armory 1911 pistol in 38 super caliber.   The owner of this 1911 pistol needed a good looking, functional carving on the grips.   The grip on this 1911 pistol was a smooth hardwood and in the summer in Arizona, your hands can […]

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