Custom carved Marlin Model 60

Custom Marlin Model 60 “Leaf Rifle”

 My Custom Marlin model 60 “Leaf Rifle” is done and I didn’t need that rake.                 A few weeks ago I let you know about a custom  gunstock carving project on one of my own rifles.   A very accurate little Marlin rifle that sported a stock with all the beauty of a chunk of 2×4.   […]

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An Old Mauser Rifle

Fine Old Mauser Rifles…if only they could talk…….          My friends tell me I have an affliction….. an addiction if you will….. and it’s old Mauser rifles.    They keep telling me to quit buyin’ and huntin’ with antiques and buy a new rifle ….in a new caliber.    They may be right, but it’s not gonna […]

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Leaf carving - rough shaping the leaves image

So many leaves I may need a rake…….

So many leaves I may need a rake……. Recently I acquired a Marlin model 60 semi-auto .22 rifle.   I got lucky at a NRA Fundraising event and won it in a raffle.  I knew very little about them but once I brought this little rifle out to the range, I realized it was way too […]

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Leopard Carving on Sako gunstock image

A Custom Gunstock Carving that tells a Story

A Custom Gunstock Carving that tells a Story Custom gunstock carving is very rewarding.   The creative relationship between you and your carving client is a truly enjoyable collaborative effort.    In the time I have been carving gunstocks, I’ve found that many clients had the ideas for their stock for quite a while but couldn’t find […]

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Welcome to Lance Larson Studio

Welcome to Lance Larson Studio This is where you will find all the latest items from Lance Larson Studio. On the Latest News Page – all of the newest posts will be displayed in chronological order. In order to receive a link through e-mail, direct to the latest item, Subscribe by E-Mail. Leave Blank:Do Not […]

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